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Cytoxicity Testing


Microplate of Xenometrix Testing

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For the determination of cytotoxicity in high throughput screenings. The test kits are utilized to determine protein synthesis, membrane permeability, and respiratory or lysosomial activity.

  • Complete range of Cytoxicity markers
  • Single and multiple parameters from 1 cellular sample
  • High throughput screening methods
  • Easy handling, less hands-on time
  • Reduced amount of test compound and cells with the multiple parameter test kits

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Xenometrix, September 2006


Instructions for Use

Cytotoxicity products can determine up to four metabolic parameters from the same cellular sample.
One Parameter Cytotoxicity Test Kits

Two Parameter Cytotoxicity Test Kits

Three Parameter Cytotoxicity Test Kits

Four Parameter Cytotoxicity Test Kits